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Thank you! Lemondrop is a Top Rated NonProfit for 2020!

August 9, 2020

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Yard Sale, puppies and adoptions.

July 8, 2018

Apologies for the lengthy delay in a new blog. We’ve had several emergencies to deal with in the last week or two. One of our volunteers had emergency dental surgery, additionally our Director had a family friend pass away unexpectedly. Additionally, we are having computer issues, sorry for the lack of pictures in this blog!


As of last weekend, we placed our fourth puppy, which was wonderful news. It was a great home, the visit went well, and he was very happy.


Unfortunately, this year, we have been dealing with a lot of frustration post-adoption. Let me preface by saying that when we place an animal, they are all examined by our staff and in excellent health, have had all necessary shots, etc. We de-worm the puppies bi-weekly and all of that important stuff. Because we do home visits and background checks on every potential adoptee for any of our animals, our success rate for adoptions is well over 80%, which is significantly higher than the local average. This means that when adopted, the families keep the animals as a forever part of their families and don’t return or rehome them.


In general, the rescue community does not get the appreciation that it deserves, especially the no-kill side of the community. As a no-kill farm sanctuary, many people do not understand what we do. Many people don’t understand that farm animals have feelings too, that they’re living beings and can be abused or neglected like any other living thing. In that regard, farm focused rescues are incredibly under-appreciated. Unfortunately at Lemondrop, we fall under the same purview. It would be one thing if people simply didn’t understand or appreciate what we do, often we get flack, crude jokes, or what we call “anti-appreciation”. It is very painful to us when we are out at one of our events when someone will come up to us, unthinking, and make a comment about how one of our pigs or lambs who is up for adoption is one of the following; dinner, pork, lamb chops, bacon, breakfast, Etc. Unfortunately that isn’t the only way that we are anti-appreciated. Often we have people come up to ask us about what we do, once we say we rescue farm animals who have been abused or neglected, they snort and walk away. Sometimes, it comes from people who have shirts or accessories which declare that they are a “rescue-parent”. Just because certain animals are used for food, doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings. That they can’t hurt or be abused. One of the most hurtful ones is when people adopt an animal, and then a day or two days later, tell us that the animal is “defective” and they want a full refund of their adoption fee (not that they want to return the animal). It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. No animal is defective. Animals aren’t products that can be returned like bad fruit to the store. Additionally, when anyone adopts a rescue animal from a shelter, the adoption fee is to cover the animals expenses - often it doesn’t even cover all the expenses. At Lemondrop we do what we do, and none of us get paid for it. Our two full time and one part time volunteer are 100% non paid. Asking for a refund, after signing the adoption paperwork stating that the adoption fee is non-refundable, is like a slap in the face to everything that we do. Shame on the people who do such a thing.


We are still looking for a location to hold our yard sale! We want to do a one day blow out, where everything is around $1. We have a ton of donations stacked up that we can’t use - home products, clothing, toys and games. All proceeds will go toward the animals. If you know someone who would be willing to loan us their front yard or driveway for a weekend. We are hoping to do a weekend in the near future, please contact us if you know someone willing to help!


We still have seven amazing puppies who are ready for their forever homes! They’re beautiful, health, had all their initial shots, and are mostly potty trained. They’re a miniature German Shepherd/unknown mix, they love all other animals and are great with kids. There’s more info on our adoption page. If you know anyone who is looking to add a wonderful furry family member, please share this with them!


A very happy two year anniversary to one of our most notable residents Artie, who became a daddy this week! Apparently he has had a secret illicit affair with one of our hens, Ginger, who hid her nest from us and showed up yesterday with seven little babies. Congrats Artie!


As always, thank you to our consistent and amazing volunteers and supporters; Patricia, Cynthia, David, Robert, Maria, Laramie and Jamie.