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Did You Know?

Today, wildlife sanctuaries provide protection for the species within its boundaries, and farm-animal sanctuaries now rescue livestock from abuse and starvation.


We rescue and give Sanctuary to Farm Animals from abuse, neglect and going to the pound or slaughter.


Our goal is to provide a habitat for these animals as close as possible to their natural environment.

Lemondrop Animal Rescue & Sanctuary is the only Federally registered 501c3 Farm Animal Sanctuary serving both Florida and Georgia.


Since 2000 we have been rescuing animals from various circumstances, including strays and slaughter house abuse victims. In 2011 we incorporated as a non-profit so that we could solicit support from the local communities and companies to help us continue our work, of caring for, housing and feeding these animals.


Since 2011 we’ve been able to take in roughly 700 animals in need, with over 500 of these animals finding new forever homes. Our focus is Farm Animals and indoor exotic birds, although we do take some cats and dogs on a case by case basis. We do not charge a surrender fee for any animal that we agree to give Sanctuary to.  We rehabilitate each rescue upon arrival, bringing them up to health and weight, then merge them into the Lemondrop Farm Animal Family.  Once we take in an animal we give them sanctuary for the rest of their natural lives.  This means that the animals stay at the sanctuary, they do not get farmed out for slaughter, rehoming, marketing, trafficking or fighting etc. Each animal is given a large pasture or area to freely roam, graze, or play; none of the animals are kept in cages. Each pasture has a special shelter or barn to meet each type of animals needs for shelter from rain or inclement weather.


Our goal is to give as many abandoned, abused or neglected farm animals a stable home to live out their natural lives as possible.

Lemondrop operates largely by foster homes, if you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact us for more information!


We do occasionally have animals that are suitable for adoption, or don't need permanent sanctuary and can live out their lives happily on a farm or with a qualified family. Check out our Adoption page for a list of currently available animals. We are also always looking for foster homes. To apply contact us directly.



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