June 30, 2020

May 17, 2020

April 1, 2020

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Thank you! Lemondrop is a Top Rated NonProfit for 2020!

August 9, 2020

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Happy February!

February 1, 2019

Or it will be in just a couple hours. Remember to show how much you care to your loved ones this Valentine's Day. If you shop AmazonSmile, remember to mark Lemondrop as your charity, they'll send us a percentage of the sale as a donation. It won't cost you anything. Amazing right?


We had some of our incredible volunteers out to the farm this week. Cloud Dancing and Luke are two of our bottle fed babies from previous years. We took them in when their mothers passed, or wouldn't feed them, and they ended up being part of the Lemondrop family. Because they each required so much care, we had to keep them with us way back then, when they were still on a bottle. Amazingly, both Cloud Dancing and Luke remembered our volunteers from a year, and two years ago! How crazy is that? They each jumped up to greet them once they realized who they were. Something they don't normally do when they  meet new people. It was so sweet.


We have two urgent needs right now, that we wanted to let all of our Lemondrop family know about.


For the past couple years one of our good friends has allowed us to use his utility trailer after ours permanently broke. It has been so generous of him to allow us to use it, and we are sincerely grateful. We really desperately need our own, as we grow, we need to be able to use it to pick up more donations, food, clothing, animal related donations, etc.


Our other desperate need is a vehicle. Something that can carry our donations inside when we go and pick up. A mini-van, small suv, truck with a topper on it, box truck (something that will keep the donations weather proof). We currently have a van that we use, but it is over 20+ years old, and needs work. When we take it to the shop, we are without a vehicle to use to pickup the donations.


These are both things that we have needed for quite some time, and have either been going without or borrowing (our friends trailer) when possible. If you know of someone who can help, or have a vehicle or trailer that you would be willing to donate, we would be so grateful. It doesn't need to be pretty, or new, just functional to use.


As always, thank you to all of our constant supporters, volunteers and everyone who pours so much love and care out for us, the people and animals that we care for. You are the reason we are able to do what we do. Thank you.


A special shout out to Jamie, thank you for the animal food donation and hay for this week! <3